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Open for Swim!


Come Splish + Splash with Miss Ashley!

Owned + Operated by Miss Ashley Peck

Your kids will love Miss Ashley and their experience at Tadpool Swim School. We are an indoor private lesson swim school offering one on one swim lessons, customized for each individual, and filled with fun! Ashley's focus is the comfort, safety, and progress of every single child. And of course...we have a great time! Ashley's philosophy is creating a safe and comfortable instruction for every child that allows them to learn at their own speed. 

Ashley is Red Cross certified, has owned and operated her own daycare, was a swim instructor at Germantown Athletic Club, and is an advocate for the heart of children. 


"Our child is swimming like a CHAMP

thanks to Miss Ashley!"

Katie Burleson, Parent

"Highly recommend! My son is picking up so quickly with  Ms. Ashley's method and direction!

He Can't wait to go to swimming lessons each time."

Jessica Eyram, Parent

"Can't recommend Ashley enough! She had my not even

2 year old swimming! Diving under water and getting toys, she LOVES Ashley!"

Katie Parvin, Parent

"Highly recommend Ms. Ashley! She got my son from being terrified of going underwater to swimming underwater in 8 lessons! We will definitely be back for refresher lessons and for lessons for my younger daughter!"

Marayla Polischeck, Parent


Your Indoor 
Swim School!

We are an indoor swim school for all ages! While Miss Ashley instructs mostly children, our entire environment is created to help everyone feel comfortable in a one on one instruction. We can't wait to swim with you!


$320 for 8 thirty minute sessions. 

Swimmers attend lessons twice a week and will choose from a Monday|Wednesday or Tuesday|Thursday schedule. 

For specific times and other helpful information please contact us HERE

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